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Five Inspiring Confucian Values

Out of many secular Confucian values, in this book I have selected the following five values because they are essential to helping many Americans to improve their lives:

  1. Li-zhi (立志): Determination for an outstanding life.
  2. Qin-xue (勤学): Pursuing an excellent education.
  3. Jie-jian (节俭): Thrift; saving for a better life.
  4. Gu-jia (顾家): Caring for your family.
  5. Ze-you (择友): Developing desirable friendships.

The five values I selected primarily reflect the progressive side of secular Confucian values. After reading the book you will see how these five Confucian values address the most essential aspects of a person’s life. Li-zhi sets up a bright and positive aspiration for your career and life. Qin-xue equips you with skills to aid in your career development as well as your ability to make good life decisions. Jie-jian teaches you to manage your money conservatively and wisely. Gu-jia guides you to create a stable and happy family and, especially, raise successful children. And ze-you helps you avoid bad influences and develop relationships beneficial to your life and career development. These values guide people toward successful lives and happy families. It is these inspiring values that contributed greatly to the recovery of the Japanese economy after World War II, the economic miracle of the Four Asian Mini-Dragons—Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore—and in particular, the rise of China since the 1980s. These same values helped overseas Chinese succeed in Southeast Asian, moving up the social ladders in the US to become a “Model Minority” in American society. They are the untold Chinese and Asian secrets for success!


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