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About the Author

 Zhao PictureYuKong Zhao (赵宇空) is an expert in China business and strategic development at Siemens Corporation. He was the Director of China Business Development from October 2007 to March 2013, and the Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development of Siemens Power Generation Group in China from May 2005 to September 2007. Currently, he is the Director of Global Planning at Siemens Energy Inc.

Before moving to US in 1992, Zhao was an industrial strategist at Institute of Management & Policy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing. He received the honorable “Science & Technology Progress Award” from CAS, and published one book: Mining Cities in China: Sustainable Development and Structural Reform, which was selected into the preeminent Young Scientists Series in China.

As a renowned expert, Zhao was invited by the Foreign Expert Administration of China, Peking University, China PingMei ShenMa Group, Southern USA Federation of Chinese Professional Associations, and various Chinese and US organizations to provide management consulting, and to give speeches in various conferences. In 2001 he was interviewed by Mr. Wen Jiabao, then the Deputy Premier of China, and was interviewed by the Chinese Central Radio Station in 2004 as a successful overseas Chinese.

He received an international MBA Degree from the University of South Carolina in 1996 as the best foreign student of the top ranked program in the US. In 1986 he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nuclear Electronics from the University of Science & Technology of China.

Zhao grew up in a Confucianism-influenced family in China. He was particularly influenced by his grandfather, a former elementary school principal who practiced Confucian teachings. During his 19-year stay in the US, Zhao participated in many US-China activities. His experience and the social circle in which he lived provided him with great insights into the successful elements of Chinese and American cultural values.

Zhao is married to Wenlan Li and has a happy family. Using a well balanced parenting approach that combines strengths of both Chinese and American cultures, they have been successfully educating their two children, Hubert and Selena, to become top students at their A rated schools in Florida, a student leader and a National Junior Beta Science Competition champion.

In his spare time Mr. Zhao keeps abreast of history, culture, and contemporary economic and social issues. He likes to travel and cooks delicious Chinese food.